My Best Friend

I have a best friend. He has always been my best friend even when I didn’t know he was.

Now like all best friends I trust him. I can tell him things I would not tell any other person in the whole wide world. I can tell him all my secrets even the embarrassing ones.

He is loyal to me even when I’m not loyal to him.

My best friend has bigger shoulder than me, so sometimes when I need to “vent” my angry I scream at him. WHY? WHY? I don’t understand. Even when I’m in a rage and beat my pillow and throw it, he calmly waits until I’m done and I would humbly say, “I sorry. Please forgive me.”

Sometimes when I haven’t talked to my best friend in a while I would became shy and couldn’t speak my words out loud. My best friend knows this and waits patiently.

I can cry with my best friend. When I sad or scare, he would comfort me.

I can laugh and tell jokes with my best friend no one would understand.

My best friend is so much bigger than me I know he can handle me.

I hope you have a best friend like mine.

Oh yeh………….God is my best friend and he’s with/in me.

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