Pet Peeve (as in small problem)

I have a pet pea today….. Recently I started going to church. I don’t know a lot about this church except it’s a Christian Church. The first time I went, I felt very welcome by the people there. I enjoy the service and felt comfortable showing up in jeans. Now going to church isn’t new to me. I have explored different religions in my life time. I was raise in my ‘grandma’s old time church’ and some family members still go to the same church. I heard my mom call it Protestant once, but she doesn’t now. She says Protestant mean false belief from the true God.  I studied Jehovah Witness for about 6 mos. with a friend a long time ago. Neither religion is my cup of tea.

I read books on Buddhism and the Amish. I wrote a research paper on Wicca for a College English class about 15 years ago. My daughter was Baptist for 2 of her teen years. My granddaughter’s father and grandparent are Jewish although they don’t practice it. Her uncle does, so when she lived with us I ask and receive Jewish story books to read to her. I wanted her to know her heritage.  I believe some of my father’s side of the family is Catholic. I believe my mother-in-law was Pentecostal and maybe my sister and her family are a little.  Another sister believes in the Great Spirit. She is part Native America. Someone very close to me is agnostic.

So, to say I try to respect other beliefs and religions. That doesn’t mean I won’t debate religion with you, my niece will tell you I will. All I ask is you don’t mock me and don’t criticize me.  I don’t go blindly into my new church. I go with the will to learn more about God and to renew my relationship with God with an open mind.  You are more than welcome to pray for me.

There was a time in my life when I felt closer to God than I do now. I want that feeling back.  I don’t think I can do it by myself this time.

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