The Agnostic

I was lying in bed trying to sleeping, listening to my husband snooze loudly, when I started thinking about this story and felt the need to write it.

……………………………………..The Agnostic

Prove to me that there is a GOD. I can’t see him. I can’t feel him. I can’t hear him.

I can’t see the wind, but I can see the results of the wind blowing. I can see the leaves moving on a tree sometimes falling quietly to the ground. I can feel the presence of wind on my skin. I can hear it howl in a storm or a whisper in a gentle breeze………I can see the results of God’s quiet work. I can feel HIS presence when HE walks with me. I can hear HIM howl in THE WIND and a whisper of comfort.

My husband is a kind and loving husband. He is my treasure, but that doesn’t mean I always agree with him and we do sometimes have our issues. I don’t feel I’m dishonoring his trust with this story, because anyone who ask him about God will know he’s agnostic with his answer……One day several weeks ago my husband comes into the house talking about a preacher he ran into in town.  Apparently the preacher was talking about God. My husband tells me part of the conversation that he tells the preacher to prove to him that there is a God. He, my husband, has never seen HIM or heard HIM. I asked what did the preacher says. My husband laughs and says that the preacher just turn around and walks away.

Now this isn’t the first time my husband has said, “Prove to me that there is a God” to someone. I would just shake my head and keep quiet most of the time. That day I spoke up. In a loving voice I said, “You can’t see the wind, but you know it’s there.” He said, “What?” I believe he was surprise I spoke up. I repeated myself and look him in the eyes and added this, “You can’t see love, but I know you love me.”

My husband has not once said, “Prove to me that there is a God” in my presence since then. A loving voice can sometimes be heard better than others.

I need to add a line two to my story. Others have tried to reason with my husband, so he wouldn’t have heard the preacher no matter what the preacher said. I believe that the preacher did the right thing by walking away.

…………………….Letter to Non-Christian Spouse

My mind wonders and ponders what is next.

I see your heart isn’t ready yet.

I cry for you. I beg for you….

But you still turn a blind eye away from Him whom my heart seeks.

Can’t you see what I need you to?

Can’t you feel my love for you grows within Him too?

I wait patiently for you.

For the day your eyes open to Him

(and they will because I been told they will)

I will rejoice in our love together forever

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