The Wind

Some people would say that God doesn’t hear me, because I’m a sinner and not saved. I beg your pardon for all those that say this, but we are all sinners. No matter how close you are to God you not prefect. Jesus is the only prefect human being I know of. With that being said God listens to everyone. Now it’s another story if you choose to listen to him.

Revelation 3:20 “Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door. I will come in and eat with him and he with me.”

…………………………………….The Wind

The Wind is howling at my door. My mind says if I let It in It will destroy my house that has been so comforting to me, but The Wind howls and bangs on my door. I’m so frightened to open my door my heart is racing. Something that I cannot see scares me so severely, but I hear IT again and again pounding at my door. My mind shouts, “No, No, YOU cannot come in. YOU WILL WRECK MY HOUSE.” The Wind keeps howling at my door sometimes loudly and sometimes merely blowing.  My mind is confused. I do not feel like eating and when I wake from sleeping, THE WIND is still howling at my Door. If I open my door The Wind will cause me to lose my treasure my head cries. I will open a window and show You my treasure will wobble. I open a window just a little. The Wind does not rush in. It blows gently in, but it keeps pounding at my DOOR. My treasure does not wobble. What can I do to stop this howling at my door I miserably think? ….. I must open my door and risk my treasure going away. Before I open the door I open the window more.  My treasure wobbles a little this time.  It doesn’t like that The Wind says that I have to sweep the dirt away from the door before it can come in and keep sweeping after It is in………. (to be continual after I sweep my door)

Now I want The Wind to come in my door and I fear IT will go away if I ignore the sweeping of my door. My body starts to sweat, my nerves start to rattle, and stomach becomes upset.  There is a big pile of dirt at my door; my treasure will not be happy with the sweeping of my door.  I what to keep my treasure and I know The Wind would like my treasure to stay. My mind races of how to sweep my door without losing my treasure. So, I say to The Wind, “I’m sorry I did not listen to you before when you said that I was letting in dirt at my door. Please come in MY DOOR.” The Wind reminds me that I have to be willing to sweep my door……… I’m willing to sweep my door, even if it means I must give up my treasure. So, I make a plan to start to sweep my door. My plan is to sweep as fast and hard as I can no matter if I lose my treasure I will sweep my door. I go to bed so in the morning I can began to sweep my door. The next morning I wake I’m remember my plan to sweep my door. I feel sick to my stomach and my nerves rattle again. I can just see my treasure wobbling and crushing to the floor with my plan. Yet, I’m still determined to sweep my door. The Wind hears my thoughts and says, “Do not sweep your door fast and hard. Sweep it continuously and determinedly …….. I will help you sweep your door, so your treasure and you can see that I am not here to wreck your house, but to CLEAN IT.

For those who don’t know.  The Wind is Jesus/God. My door is my relationship with God in my heart or being saved. Dirt is my sins. My treasure is my husband.

Many times in my life I have had family crises. I pray for God to walk with me and He did. In my darkness hours HE carried me without asking anything of me.  This is the first time I’ve had a spiritual battle where God asked me to do something. He asked me to put Him first in my life above all others including myself, my husband, my children, and etc..

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