God Sent You to Me or Me to You

I have always believed that God sends special people to us to help us in our time of need.  Sometimes they are here for a minute or two. Sometimes they are meant to stay and help us through our darkness hour or prepare us for things to come. It is our responsible to actively look for them and be open minded and hearted when they come our way………

Recently, I became a member of Vanceburg Christian Church. Here is how I was guided there and got saved….. My son’s children’s choir was invited to sing at the church. So, I’m getting prepare for church and thinking that it means I need to dig out one of my 3 dresses. I’m dreading it, because I just don’t like to wear dresses. My niece who was on spring break says I’m wearing jeans. I’m like ok. I’ll wear jeans too; the most they can do is asks us to leave.  We get there just in time and we are greeted at the door. We sit down and I start to look around. There women in jeans, pants, and dresses and men in jeans and pants. I even saw a young adult in t-shirt and shorts.   The children sing the songs they had been practicing. The church choir sings uplifting songs. Then this bald headed man gets up to preach. I’m expecting a fire and brimstone sermon with a lot of yelling. You know the ones that scare the pants off you. To my surprise this guy voice is gentle and he starts telling humorous stories to get his point across about God. I don’t know about any on you out there, but I believe God has a humorous side. When he’s done we are told about a children’s activity the following Sat.  We are greeted again by people of the church saying how glad they were we came out and how they liked the children singing………

It’s funny how God listen to us even when we are joking. Like several months early when my brother’s shot was five days late after a bad snowstorm had cause business to be closed.  When he did get his shot I told his doctor that I needed to find a nurse to buddy up to.  Then, later I repeated the same thing to a nurse at my doctor’s office when I told her about the trouble I had getting my brother shot on time. I never dream that God was listening……..

I take my son to the children’s church activity at the elementary school. That is when I meet her.

Women from the church greet me. Some sit and talk with me. Then she comes and sits with me asking how I was and invites me to Sunday school. Tells me I would be in her class. Then, she says something like I got to man my post I’m a nurse and we’re doing blood sugar test and cholesterol test. I don’t give it a second thought about her being a nurse. I just felt welcome and thought I could give this church a try especially since my nephew girlfriend is in her class too. The next day my son and I go to church. We are again greeted by people of the church. The nurse offers us breakfast and show us were our classes are. The preacher comes and says, “Hello.” I go into the room see my nephew girlfriend and sit down by her. Also, there is a young man in a wheelchair in the room with a beautiful smile. This young man has a special story too which I hope to tell later. The young man is the nurse’s step-son. I see her helping him as I continual coming to church I see her strength and grace. I know what I see is just a small part of who she is, but I’m amazing by her. I feel….. I can to relate to her. I’m draw to this person…..but I say and do nothing.

One Sunday later, the gentle voice preacher gives a sermon on “Fishers of Men” and at the end of the sermon he talks about being saved and says something like “some of you have a decision to make either privately or publicly.” The choir starts to sing. My heart says, “I what to be saved……… I’m tired of trying to do this on my own without God.” I start to cry because I’m afraid. I find a small bit of courage and I step forward, when I get up to the preacher he says in a caring/loving voice, “What do you want?” I can’t say the words my heart needs me to say, so I say, “I need help.” I can’t get out that I want help to be saved. He asks if I would like to stay after church and talk to one of the ladies.  I say yes. The lady ends up being the nurse, but by the time she gets to talk to me. I’m scare again. I still can’t say what my heart wants. I try to tell her the about the strength I see in her, about my family problems, and about another church I went to. She’s trying to help me by talking about herself. Out of fear I say something about her being divorce that hurts her and I can tell I did because she pulls away. She gets some other ladies and we pray. I’m ready to forget the whole thing and go home……

The next day I ran into the preacher outside the grocery store and I start to tell him this and that. He listens and gives me his card with his email and phone number. I’m still afraid. Over the next couple of days my heart still wants to be saved and I find myself in a spiritual battle. (“The Wind” posted earlier)  Wednesday, I come to bible study.  I don’t have a bible the preacher gives me one. I email the preacher questions about the lesson. He emails me back. I know I want to be saved and I try to do it on my own, but I forgotten one important thing; I can only be saved through Jesus. Then, I get brave again and email the preacher this:


You and the nurse have been on my mind all week. ……

After Wednesday night there has been a song stuck in my head like a broken record, which I believe you are responsible for putting there with all the talk about sheep and Shepherds. *:D big grin Bad thing of it is I can only remember a little of it. “Bringing in the sheep, bringing in the sheep, we shall become rejoicing, bringing in the sheep.” Don’t you dare have them sing it, because I’ll crack up laughing. Now I’ll have to go look up the rest of the song.

All teasing aside and I was teasing you. I do have a very important question for you. If I would ask to speak with you privately and tell you things at only my Pastor should know would you keep them confidential only if you and your wife were comfortable with it? I have been burnt before with sharing conversation that are intended to be private.  When I asked the person why they shared a private conversation, they said they were “sharing the concerns” with the Church family. The Church family ends up sharing with everyone in and out of the church.

Trust is very important to me and it’s hard for me to trust. Please notice I’m not asking you to be my Pastor yet.  You and I would have to come to an understanding what being my Pastor means to each of us. I’m not asking to be a member of the church yet. That will take more time; for I wouldn’t what to be a member of a church that accepts a stranger so ready.

Keeping praying for me. Tell your wife I was glad I met her and the other lady on Wednesday and hope to meet and get to know more ladies of the church. See you tomorrow or Sunday……..

I don’t get to see the preacher again until Sunday, but on Friday and Saturday I work through issues of trust. I get gut punch by God when I saw someone from a different church do something I know isn’t right. I listen to some sermons I’m guided to with the Sunday school lessons book the nurse give me. I see what I’m missing on the preacher blog JesusTrek, which I’m reading all long. I know what I need to do, but in my head I said, “No, tomorrow it’s Easter and the preacher’s day for his big sermon. I’ll wait until later in the week.” I get to the services and I’m happy I reach my decision and know how to be saved. I what to hug the nurse and the preacher and say I’m ready, but I wait. Then, the preacher starts his sermon. It’s like he’s saying things just for me and answer my email question in the sermon and there is no else in the room but us. My heart fills with joy. He invites people up to be saved and says what better day to be saved than Easter. I get up and walk up to him and hug him and say I’m READY.


I didn’t find out until much later that it was the nurse’s husband’s idea to invite the children’s choir to sing in the first place.

Oh…… final note. We are working on getting home help care to come and give my brother his shot, so we’re not so dependent on his doctor all the time.

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