The Lonely, Little Runt of a Sheep

Once there was a lonely, little runt of a sheep wondering around looking for a good pasture to feed from. One day she saw a flock of sheep out in a pasture that look promising to her, so she wonders over to them. While feeding from grass she saw a shepherd with the sheep. The shepherd sees the runt and knows his master wouldn’t mind her eating the grass with his flock. The master always told the shepherd to take in wondering sheep, but look out for wolves. He even left a map of promising pastures for the shepherd to share and follow. The little runt sees bigger sheep in the flock that look like big brothers and sisters. They help the shepherd and master protect the other sheep from wolves and guide the flock to promising pastures. Other little sheep in the flock would ask the shepherd and bigger sheep what good grass was there to feed from. The shepherd and bigger sheep would show them the map, help them read the map and offer a map for them to follow. The ones who took the map and follow it didn’t get a belly ache and were safe from wolves. The little runt saw all this going on and baa… at the shepherd and a big sister comes to help her, but she was afraid of the master, who is BIG and powerful. She hadn’t yet seen him but could feel his presence around the flock and the shepherd. So, after a while she wonders away from the flock.

When the little sheep was young she visited another flock and shepherd, but their map was misguided and the pasture was too hard for her eat from. The next day, as the little runt sheep is eating alone in the grass that didn’t taste as good as the pasture the day before. She wondered if she could again share the other sheep’s grass.  The master, who isn’t just BIG and powerful, but loving and caring too was keeping an eye on the little runt. He told her to return to his flock, so he could look out for her, but he knew she had to be the one to decide for herself. The master kept watching the little runt and talking to her while he watched over his flock. The little runt finally see that the master only wants what is best for her, so she returns to the his flock to eat the best grass. The shepherd and the bigger sheep share their maps with the little sheep and give her one too. She has to read the map along with the other sheep and shepherd every day to not lose the way to the master’s promising pasture. When she has trouble reading the map, the shepherd, the bigger sheep, and the master helps her. Now the little runt isn’t alone anymore and can grow strong and healthy with the master’s flock.

For those who don’t know:

  • The little runt is me or anyone who has lost their way from God.
  • The pasture is the Church. The promising pasture and master’s pasture is heaven.
  • The shepherd is my Pastor Tom or any pastor who is guiding God’s children.
  • The master is God.
  • The Map is the Bible and the grass is the words of God.
  • The Flock is God’s children or any church that follows God’s word. Bigger sheep are the elders, wives of the elders, pastor’s wife, and leaders in the church.
  • Wolves are evil spirits and/or false teaching.

Oh yeh, I don’t always get the meanings right in my writings, so take what you need and throw away the rest. Love and peace to all.

Picture: Sheep Stock 1 by Jeix-Stock free download

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