Wow, my pastor loan me another book, Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado. I love it… The theme of the book is to find and use your special gift that God has given you. The book is so…much more. So far I have read chapters dealing with greed, pride, self-worth, loneliness, and the church. The author is a very good writer. Here is a part of what he wrote about the church. He nails it: pages 81-82

“Broken people come to churches. Not with broken bones, but broken hearts, homes, dreams, and lives. They limp in on fractured faith, and if the church operates as the church, they find healing. Pastor-teachers touch and teach. Gospel bearers share good news. Prophets speak words of truth. Visionaries dream of greater impact. Some administer. Some pray. Some lead. Some follow. But all help to heal brokenness: “to make the body of Christ stronger.”

I see this happen in my church. I felt this happen in my church. The author goes on a couple of paragraphs down.

“God heals his family through his family. In the church we use our gifts to love each other, honor one another, keep an eye on troublemakers, and carry each other’s burdens. Do you need encouragement, prayers, or a hospitable home? God entrusts the church to purvey these treasures. Consider the church God’s treatment center for the common life.

Don’t miss it. No one is strong all the time. Don’t miss the place to find you place and heal your hurts.”

If you are brokenhearted consider finding a church where you can heal. If you aren’t feeling this from your church maybe you should consider opening your heart or maybe it’s time to find another church. If you live near me come to mine. We’ll help fix you with God’s love.

Take what you need, leave the rest. Peace and Love.

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