Happy Father’s Day God

Happy Father’s Day God

Could I borrow the car?

Can I have some money?

You have given us so much and we keep asking for more from you, Father.  Sometimes we forget to say, “Thank You Father!” We take you for granted because we know you will always be with us. (Matt.28:20…. “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” NIV)  You are Our Father. You are the one we run to in our times of troubles and sorrows. You are there to comfort and love us like no other. I can stand above the water because of you Father. I can walk with your protection and fight a righteous cause because of you Father. You are my rock, my shield, my sword, my world and so much more Father. You are the one I want beside me always Father.

So today, My Father, I would like to honor you.

I will sing praises to you…

I will pray to you…

I will hit my knees;

bow my head and humble say,


Love Always Daughter

We should celebrate Our Heavenly Father every day .

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