Forgiving Part 2 – Email to Pastor

I wrote this email to my pastor about a week after writing “Forgiving.” Some parts have been left out and some names have been change.


Since I talk to you last week about my father death I thought I would update you on some things. I decided that I did care what happens to my father’s killer, which I know his name now. Luke is still on death row. He is 60 years old. As far as I can tell there is no set date for his execution. I believe that is because his lawyer failed to investigate a traumatic head injury that he suffered as a child.

I’m quoting here from a web site: Luke has “permanent brain damage” that “causes abnormal behavior” over which he “has no or substantially limited control.” His appeal was still denied. I’m okay with all this except him being still on death row. I would like to see his sentence to reduce to life in prison, not because I believe he needs to be punished for what he did, but I believe he is a danger to society. What he did isn’t the only thing they had on his record. Also, I would like to for him to be right with God if he isn’t already.

I have an address where I can write to Luke. I would like him to know that I forgive him. I even have written a letter, but it’s not ready to be sent. I want the letter to be for Luke. I want Luke to know that I could only forgive him through God graces and that God loves him. I don’t what the letter to be hurtful. Also, if there is ever a time that I could help him be removed from death row I would. My letter is nowhere near this now. It’s sound self-servicing, so I’m waiting for guidance from God to write a new letter or not to write a letter.

Keep praying for me, which I know you are.

Love and peace to all

My pastor encourages me to write the letter.

Continue Forgiving Part 3 – Letter

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