Being Mad at God and Help from Others

Mother to son: “Son, just because I’m mad at you doesn’t mean I don’t love you.” Son to Mother: “I know mom.”

For each of us God gives lessons for us to learn depending on where you are in your faith. I think God waits until He know we are ready learn those lesson and with each of us it will be different. Some of us get to the point of the lesson fast and some need time. For me this week the lesson was simple, but the realization of the meaning of the lesson is hurtful. I got mad at God, which I know he can handle it. His shoulders are big.

Revelation 1:8 “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.” He’s BiG.

I got mad; not because I didn’t believe, but because I do BELIEVE and knew what He was telling me is true. Its in the bible. God knew my faith has become strong enough to endure this lesson. I still don’t comprehend some of the details of the lesson, but the main point I understand. The details I will work on with help. It’s like what something an elder said,” We turn on the TV, but we don’t need to know how it works to watch it.”  He got that right….

We never know what we say, write, or do will help others in our lessons. It could be an elder and/or a fellow blogger, who says obey, learn, and endure. It could be the ones who pray for us…. I hope this helps someone out there…

Take what you need, leave the rest. Peace and Love

Follow up: Because I completely trusted God even when I was mad at Him;  and I apologize and asked for forgiveness, God gave me clarity about why it has to be the way it is.

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