Baby in God

I was laying in bed this morning thinking about God and how at first when I got saved I asked my pastor the “What Is” questions. “What is trinity? What about the Holy Spirit?” and how he tried to show me the answers in the Bible, but I still didn’t get it. He finally just loan me a book… Thinking about the patience he has with me and how silly those questions seem now. I laugh at myself.

He and my church must had thought of me as a baby barely sitting up, a baby in Christ. Now it seems like I’m at the walking stage where I tend to stubble around discovering my new world that God, my pastor, and my church has been showing me… I keep getting grow spurs like a child. Each one moves me to a new stage in my faith making me stronger.

My thoughts drift to about why I choose God over all other things and people in my life and the answer is so simple. I choose God because He chose me. His love fills me up with joy that over flows in me. I want to shout, sing, smile, laugh, dance, hug… to release and share my love for God.

Thank you to all the ones who are helping me find my way into God’s arms.

Take what you need, leave the rest. Peace and love

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