God has ways to give us opportunely to speak for him like what happen to me yesterday. We were driving home from a 3 hour trip. I was reading Erasing Hell by Francis Chan and Preston Sprinkle which is nothing like erasing hell but talks about Hell with scriptures from the bible. I got to a part where Francis is writing in a coffee shop when he realizing that some of the people around him are going to go to Hell. About that time the radio started playing Highway to Hell by AC/DC.  I pick-up on the word “Hell” right way with a surprise look on my face. The driver who is to the left of me, says, “What?” “You don’t what to hear it,” I say. Another rider who goes to church with me says, “I do.” “Look at what I’m reading,” I pointed to my book Erasing Hell and point out that the radio playing Highway to Hell. I explain to her the title of the book was not what the book was about and read to her what Francis says about people around him going to hell.

The conversation got a little strain and there was a change of subject. I go back to reading, but don’t get far because I start thinking about the people with me. I feel myself getting upset and hurt again with a feeling of sadness that some people I love most aren’t going to heaven.  I realize I need to pray before anymore reading can be done, so I close my book until I can take some private time. I started looking out the window. A few miles down the road I see a road sign with an arrow pointing to the left that read Heaven Lane.  I starting thinking about the arrow and something God told me. I smile….

On conclusion if we don’t take the opportunely God presents to us to talk about him some people around us will remain on the Highway to Hell which there is no Erasing.

Take what you need, leave the rest. Peace and Love

Picture downloaded from: stopsignandmore.com

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