“A Pastor’s Wife or Helpmate”

“A Pastor’s Wife or Helpmate”

The day I got Baptize is the day it started happening for me to see you

I was standing there waiting for him to get on his “fisherman outfit”

When it hit me, I saw a part of you

The true you

the one who is commit

to a pastor’s wife or helpmate whichever suits you…

It was like God planted these words into my thoughts

I couldn’t believe there are still women like you

Someone who gives more to her husband than a passing thought…

As time went by I saw more and more of you

The love you carry within you…

Some people see you standing behind him

but I see you standing in front of him…

Your love for each other intertwines

There is no doubt in my mind

Your love is divine…

I hope he knows how bless he is with having a wife like you

If not hit him with this line…

C. Taulbee-Johnson

picture downloaded from: http://www.inkedweddings.com


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