“HE Lifts Me Up and Brings Me Down” or “Dog Walker”

This morning’s walk was interesting. It didn’t take me long to reach my place with God. I started with looking at the sun cover in clouds. For some reason the image of the sun reminds me how big God is. I thank the Father for the people in my life and the things He has done for me. I continual walking and look up again to the sky and invite Jesus to come and walk with me. He comes with not only the feeling of the Holy Spirit in my heart, but the Jesus the man image in my mind surrounds me. We walk a little bumping shoulders. Then, he holds my hand and we walk together.  A thought crosses my mind with the hope that I’m not the only one who experience God like this. It’s so special and precious to me. A truck rushes by I lose the feeling, but its okay.

I get to the river and sit in peace and comfort of the beauty God created. My mind wonders to different things. It’s time to pray. I say my prayer with praise and thanks for things God has done for me. I ask Him to continue to allow me to grow in faith for Him. I ask to serve/help Him anyway He’s see fit doesn’t matter what it is. I tell Him it His will to be done, not our will. I ask for forgiveness and to help me to forgive. I ask Him to watch over and help special people in my life including my church. I ask not to be lead into temptations and keep me from evil. Don’t feel like putting up with the devil today. I close with Jesus’s name as I heard a voice of a women coming up behind me.

She says good morning and asks me to watch her dog “Speedy,” so she can get a sandwich. She unleashes him and places the leash on the bench and walks away. Speedy is a little dog that stands about 6 inches from the ground. He proceeds to “marking” his territory and starts to follow the lady. I call for him and pet him. He loses interest and walks away. I start laughing and go after him. I put him back on the leash and walk around the park with him as he continues to “mark” his territory. After about 10 minutes the lady comes back for Speedy. She introduces herself as Jewel. I tell her my name. She asks about me sitting in the park to view the river. I tell her yes, but also to pray. The conversation turns to me telling her where I go to church and us talking about my pastor and his father who share the same name. I’m discovering both are popular . The conversation ends well. I start walking home smiling then it hits me I start laughing a lot, because I realize.……Today I serve God as a dog walker. He gave me a good story to share.

Take what you need, leave the rest. May peace, love, God, and laughter be with you today.

Picture downloaded from: biblicallife.wordpress.com “Walking with God”

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