“I Stand”

“I Stand”

I Stand in my cause

Righteous of Lord and God….

I stand with the Fruit of

Spirit in my heart

Reaching for love, joy,

And peace within….

I Stand with patience and goodness

He gave me my voice

To use in His cause….

I Stand with kindness and gentleness

He opened my heart

Not to turn away again

From the suffering and hopeless….

I Stand with faithfulness and self-control

He gave me courage and bravery

Without hate, To Stand

For Him in the long haul….

I Stand to right the wrongs

Done to God….

I Stand with

Jesus in my heart….

Stand with me

In front of me

Behind me….

We Stand in UNITY

Of God’s cause….

C. Taulbee-Johnson

July 18, 2015

The Fruit of the Spirit Galatians  5:22


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