“God’s Church” and “You Are Loved”

You might have a time or two read “I love my church.” Most people think of a church as a building with stain glass windows, a steeple on top, or a place to listen to God words. The physical church is all that, but when I says, “I love my church” I’m talking about the people there, the children of God, my brothers and sisters of faith that I associate with. They have and continuously change me and impact my life for the better.  The following is something I wrote and posted to my facebook in May, but I thought it was time to share it with everyone. It describes how I feel when I go to my church.

My son just pointed out that the title “My Church” was wrong; its “God’s Church,” so I change the title this morning, but the rest of this was written early this week.

“You Are loved”

Imagine that you are walking into church there’s a person greeting you with a smile, hug, or handshake. Some of the brothers and sisters of Christ come and say hello, hug, and/or talk with you while you are sitting down. Services start and the choir began to sing. Maybe one of the elder says a pray. The pastor begins the sermon… Now stop for a moment look around…Think…Know…FEEL… the love you just receive from all the people there. Feel the LOVE God has for you.

Let His Words comfort you.

Let His Peace wash over you.

Let His Grace walk with you.

Let His Love fill you up.

Peace and love.

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