Being Bold With God

The night before last, I fell asleep too early and woke up at 2:30 a.m. I wanted to get up and read, but my niece is staying with us this week and I didn’t want to wake her. So, I stay in bed thinking and praying. My mind drifted to my problems then to a special friend of mine. My prayer went from a silent gentle thought with the vision of me on my knees to a bold person standing in front of God’s white light demanding humbly in a loud thought “enough is enough it is time for You to step in,” if situation has served its purpose. Time for You to show us Your power. This was the second time I gone to God about this situation with boldness, but with a pure heart and healthy fear of Him. The first time I was given a wonderful dream afterwards, which took away my worry and with the knowledge that its going to be okay….but I didn’t stop praying about it and I won’t stop praying about it unless God tell me to.

I decided to get up and shower still thinking about God. I got part of an answer and an understanding of why the situation is still going on. I realize that the situation is changing me, making me a better person, making me stronger in faith and belief in God, making me be bold with God which he smiles at. I believe God intends to use the situation even more to shock us with the power He has….. When that happens I for one will cry with happiness and praise for the Almighty Lord.

May the Blessing of God be with you.

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