“Whirlwind Prayer”

“Whirlwind Prayer”

tornado heartMy words are not gentle in the wind
They storm and pound like thunder in a whirlwind
They pour from my heart
releasing a flood of emotions that were lock in
Words that I tell the Father what is truly within
For there is no one here but Him

This is where my secrets are told
No lies, no deceits, He already knows
He just waiting for me to ask for help
for things to be change within….

Thoughts change from self to others
Asking Him to lookout
for persons that are care about
to be with them throughout their battles

Asking for healing and strength for individuals
Asking for hearts to open to hear His words
Asking for help for the ones who speak His words
to reach others

I must say this gives me pleasure
to pray for individuals
knowing the Father
is listening and honoring my words

I continual with letting Him know
That in ALL things
it is His Will
I want to succeed….

I ask for help with temptation
that I have been struggling with
I tell Him I know evil has been after me
I beg for His protection

sunrise-freeI feel His hand reach out to me
I see the end
when I stand with His Son
feeling the love within Him

I end my prayer in His name
to begin my day
with a settle heart within

C. Taublee-Johnson
August 17, 2015

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