The Holy Spirit and the Bible

Ever since being Baptize and save I have the power of the spirit as a guide. I have become depended on it. I’ll be honest I think more about the spirit as a guide than I do the bible.  I’ve been afraid that the more I read and learned about the bible I won’t depend on the spirit as much and lose the spirit as a guide. I hear Christians talk the talk about this is in the bible, that is in the bible. You can find your answers there.

I feel they forgotten about the spirit. They forgotten about asking God for answers, they just automatically go to the bible without prayer, without asking. They seek first without thought, without openness, without heart, without invoking and involving the spirit or the wiliness to hear God’s answer. I hope I’m making sense. I love the bible. I love reading it and learning from it, but without the Holy Spirit being in it, the bible just becomes another informational book.

Oh, just in case you are wondering I have learned that my power isn’t going away because I’m reading the bible more. My power in the spirit is growing that in itself is sometimes scarily and takes a lot of trust and faith in God to let it happen. Maybe that is why some Christians don’t invoke and involve the Holy Spirit.

The spirit guided me to Job 32-34 today. There are several lessons there for me maybe for you too.

Take what you need, leave the rest. Peace and love.

……Well, I guess I don’t have writer’s block anymore.

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