“I’m Holding Back” or “Undignified”

“I’m Holding Back” or “Undignified”

I’m holding back this passion I have inside
Knowing how undignified it would seem
to you my actions I feel inside

I want to cry on your shoulders
I want to shout my joy
I want to hold you and you hold me

I want to break All the rules
that says I must hold back
this passion inside

I want to kneel by your side
And pray for you
I want to put my head in your lap
And let my love for You melt inside

How undignified is that

I want to dance in the pew
When we sing to You
I want to bask in His glory
But I’m holding back

Thinking how undignified
It would seem to you

Wondering if I let go
Would you be shock
at my actions of passion
I have for You

I’m holding back

C. Taulbee-Johnson
August 29, 2015

2 Samuel 6:22  I will become even more undignified than this, and I will be humiliated in my own eyes.

“You” in this poem is a person, a group of people, Jesus, and God depending on what actions I want to do, but all of it is for worship for God.

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