Washing Feet

Lately my mind has been on Jesus washing his disciples’ feet. I have read John 13: 1-17 several times now. I ask myself why is this important to me? Then I read it again. Jesus knew he was going to die. He knew some of His disciples would betray Him. I look at the first verse and read “he now showed them the full extent of his love.” I think of my church all the people there. I think of my Christian love for them. I read on in verses how Jesus humbles himself. I picture in my mind’s eye Jesus kneeling down with a towel wrap around his body, gently removing a disciple’s sandals, pouring water over his feet. I think how Jesus knew this would be the last time to fellowship with them. I imagine tears in Jesus’s eyes as he show his disciple what it meant to serve others with love. My heart thinks of how Jesus gave an example of His willingness to be a servant. I think of all the time he spent on earth serving us. How he would continually serving us to His dying breath on the cross to save us. I wonder if His disciples knew what an honor Jesus was giving them in the simple act of washing their feet. I hear in my mind the words He might had spoken. “For this I do to serve you to show my undying love.” I think of my church and how honor I would feel to show willingness to serve them in God by a simple act of washing feet.

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