I met a new friend Sunday at the nursing home. He’s been on my mind since then. His name is Jack. He’s an artist. At some point in his life he drew a beautiful picture of Jesus descending on a cloud from heaven with Moses looking up at Him. I knew Jack was special the moment I met him. He said the most beautiful prayer I have ever heard about Heaven and his readiness and longing to be there. Yes, Jack’s time on this earth is near an end. I’m happy for Jack and sad for me. It’s funny how you look at death differently when you know the person is going to heaven and someday you’ll see them there. I said a prayer with Jack today. Not for God to heal him, but to make his time short, to take his suffering. Jack’s spirit is willing. His body is weak and tried. He wants to be with Our Heavenly Father.
As I got ready to leave, Jack prayed for me. He thanked God for a beautiful women coming to see him and praying for him. Then, Jack kissed my hand.
Here something most of you don’t know. I’ve been studying heaven the last few months. I’ve learn a lot from “Heaven” a book by Randy Alcorn and the Bible. God told me I would be talking about heaven. I just didn’t know where. Now, I do.
For Jack
Heaven is waiting for you beyond
Your suffering is almost over, the pain will be gone
I pray for your wait not to be long
Soon your spirit will be gone
To The Father and the Son were you belong

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