“Healing” and “Random thoughts to and about God”

My soul needs refreshing
I keep praying
My tears are flowing
My heart is breaking
Is there a new hope coming?

There is a scare little girl wondering
She doesn’t know which way to be turning
She walks a narrow path following the pains of the past
trying to reach the end of healing

She knows her soul is drifting and hurting
Her tears keep falling
as she moves into another stage of healing
She keeps praying and listening
to the Father

Now anger has sit in with questions of “why?”
She feels like throwing things and screaming!
She holds it in trying to work it out
with silent prayers to the one who she doesn’t doubt
There is a new hope coming
She feels the anger leaving

There’s a silent plea wondering
why her heart is empty
She keeps asking God for healing
She is worn out with these feelings
Just needs peace and understanding

Is there an end to this roller coasting
to reach the healing?
She keeps moving, walking
one step, two steps, wondering, talking, writing,
now she needs to be sleeping,
so God can finish the healing

“Random thoughts to and about God”

My love for you is beyond my control
It fills me night and day
It lifts my spirit
Parts my sea in stormy water
A lover kiss, a passion burning brighter than the sun
A lion roar, an arms embrace
Why did you turn away?

My heart burns with fire
My mind clouds with love
My eyes sparkle like diamonds
when I think of you

A smile of sweetness I smile for you
Thoughts drift of your greatness
Your loving embrace I long for
I ache to see your face
My fire needs fuel to continual to burn with brightness
Help me find my place

Why is my heart breaking?
My light seems to be fading.
Why am I crying?
Your words are like arrows shooting through me

How many days must pass before
I feel you in my heart again?
Why are you silent to my pleas?
Why have you turn from me?

Open my eyes so I know how to fight these feelings.
Open my heart and refuel me.

My tried and weary soul aches for you.

Hold my hand and walk with me
I’m like a child in your eyes
Waiting patiently for you to be by my side
Hold me my lord and savior
Take me to your side pray with me

Father, I love you
Brother, sister, I love you

Jesus I adore you
Your might defeats the enemy in my sight
You are my victory
Stand strong with me
my warrior and my knight

Writing makes me feel better.

Take what you need, leave the rest.

Peace and Love

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