“Spiritual Dream”

I had a spiritual dream last week. I was in a town I could see some of my church friends. They were taking pictures of my friend’s cat. I saw a pastor and other people I didn’t know. Everyone was healthy with young bodies. I was in a tree out on a limb that didn’t look strong enough to hold me looking out of the branches. There was a grassy steep hill with a plateau on top and flowers arounds it. I was looking down on the hill and town from the tree.

Suddenly a small herd of Elderly horses run through town up onto the plateau were they began to eat the lush green grass. Everyone in town moved onto the plateau including the pastor. The worship leader and everyone started singing, praising, even dancing to worship God. The horses started prancing and worship along with everyone. I started yelling come see this; take a picture from my view looking down from the tree it’s beautiful.  I could see everything. I watch as the horses run back off the hill. I climb out of the tree and up the hill and stop to talk to the pastor and ask about the horses. He told me the horses acted that way every time the people worship and that was why everyone came to the hill to be with the horses. I saw the horses leave town between two buildings upon a street.

I was alone on the plateau when a young, black, mature horse ran up the hill. He look at me and a thought enter my mind, “Follow me.” The hill was too steep for me to run down, so a black plastic tarp appears for me to slide down by some flowers that I thought were not very pretty. Another thought enter my mind from the black horse, “but they are still in the garden.” The flowers look like the doodles I draw in bible study class that evening.

I slid down the hill. The black horse was waiting still with the thought of “follow me.” I ask it, “What are you?” For a moment, I thought it might be the devil in disguise. I stop following it. About that time the horse turns into a man, but I couldn’t see his face. A lion appears on a grassy plain in front of us. It lies down with its paws in front of it. A thought from the lion enters my mind, “Come pet me, touch my mane.” No thought of fear enter my mind. I could felt a mightily power surround this lion, but a sense of loving radiate from it.

The man and I started to approach the lion. We both wanted to reach it. I thought I would be polite and let him go first. The man gestures for me to go ahead. I started walking to the lion; everything clouds over in a fog. I can only see a shadow of the lion ahead of me. Then it turns into a shadow figure of a man with a lion like mane the thought of “Come pet me, touch my mane” change into “Come hug me, come into my embrace.” I realize I was in the presence of God. I was an arm’s length away from being hug by God, when I woke up, but still feeling His love.

I went to bed that night thinking about heaven and scriptures about heaven in the bible. I wonder how much of the scriptures are symbolic and how much are real. Here is what I think the meanings are:

The people on the hill – God’s Children in resurrected bodies

The herd of Elderly horse – prophets before Jesus and apostles (except for one horse who was an Elder from my church)

The black horse – Jesus

The lion – God

The hill might have been Zion

The town – Jerusalem

Note: Horses are my favorite animals even as a child. It’s a good thing I read the book of Daniel in the Bible a few weeks ago.

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