Acts of Kindness

We don’t know how our acts of kindness can affect other people lives sometimes, but that shouldn’t stop us from helping people. Kindness can be as simple as giving some of our time to people. It can be listening to a troubled teenager.  Maybe it’s singing, reading, or taking communion to the nursing home for the elderly who can’t go to church. Sometimes it’s showing up at the hospital to give support. It can be picking up a stranger to give them a ride and discovering their feet are bloody from walking in unfit shoes.

Also, kindness can be giving of material things like replacing lost money for a needy family of five at Christmas time. It could be giving a spare tire to a family who has a flat in a small town with nothing open on a Sunday. It can be giving a suit or clothing to someone so they can feel more comfortable going to church and other places. It could be buying a car for your sister-in-law when you see hers isn’t going to make it anymore.

Kindness can be volunteering your skills to help others like doing repairs on a willow’s house. Maybe it’s changing the oil in a single mother’s car. It can be giving free legal advice to someone or cooking food for a sick neighbor or friend. It can be mentoring people.

Kindness can be done by anyone like a child giving an encouragement card to someone they like.  It can be teenagers cleaning out the gutters of person house. Telling someone you love their smile, giving a hug, a pat on the back, a touch of a hand, or a compliment. It can be a shoulder to cry on.

Either way, kindness takes effort on our part. It means we have to notice and pay attention to other people’s needs. Then, we have to take action to fill them.

Take what you need leave the rest.

Love and Peace

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