“The Real Me”

Recently I posted on facebook that I like the song “The Real Me” by Natalie Grant. When I first heard it I thought was about a woman feeling that she found a man who saw the real person she was inside and could love that person. There is even a video to suggest just that made with the movie “One Night with The King.” It the romanticize story of Esther in the bible. Then, I listen to the song again and read the lyrics. I discover this song isn’t about a couple’s love. It’s about how Jesus sees us. How He see everything about us. I mean everything. All the deep hurts, all the deep feelings, all the things we hide from the world, and even try to hide from ourselves. I’m not just talking about myself here. I’m talking about everyone. We all have things we don’t share with anyone. What we don’t realize sometimes is Jesus sees who we are deep inside, every feeling, every thought, every action…. He loves us anyway. Just think about that for a minute or two. Jesus loves you for you………

It doesn’t mean He loves some of our actions.

The bible has many stories of how Jesus shows His love for people for who they are and will be. One of my favorites is John 8:1-11 the women caught in adultery. Just look pass the sin of adultery for a minute, Jesus did so you can too. When I read this story I think about how Jesus must had seen this woman’s heart. He saw everything about her, who she was as a child, who she was at the time she got caught, and who she would be after that day. How scare she must have been thinking she would be stone to death. Jesus protects her. When she realizes she is safe, care about, and loved, she becomes grateful to Jesus.  Then Jesus says, “Sin no more.”

My point, Jesus loves us. He sees who we are. When we realize the love He has for us just as we are, we change and become the real person we are meant to be.

By the way the ultimate story of how Jesus shows His love for us is how He stayed on the cross and died for us when He didn’t have to. God showed His love for us by sending Jesus to us.

Take what you need and leave the rest.

Peace and Love.

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