God’s Warriors

When I awoke this morning, I lay in bed thinking about my Christian beliefs and how I’ve change and keep changing every day. I thought of the struggles I’m having living with a non-Christian husband. My mind drifted to the stories of other Christian sisters and their struggles and victories when their husbands got save. I let myself draw strength and encouragement from them. Then, I set up and said a simple prayer for God to give me strength today. As I continual starting my day I realize I was fighting a war. A war that has been already won when Jesus stay on the cross and died for our sins. I was reminded that the enemy was not the person sitting in the next room or even the one across the ocean. I realize I was God’s warrior not to fight with guns and knives, not to hate or spike, not to seek revenge. I am to rescue the victims that evil has drawn into his power.  I need to use words in prayer, words in righteous, words in truth, words in love, words in forgiveness, words, to bring salvation to those victims. We are in a spiritual war. We, Christians, are God’s Warriors. WE need to Stand against the evil that keep trying to drag us in and pull the victims out. We need to Stand Strong with unity.

STAND in God’s Kingdom.

Take it all this time. Peace and Love.


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