Pen and Paper = Prayer

I have learned something about myself today while in church service. I need not to try to take notes. It seems that if there is a pen and paper in my hand I just let my thoughts flow to paper. Today, I found myself writing a prayer while my pastor was giving the sermon. Although this might not be a bad thing considering what I wrote; it started with:

How I love thee my God.
How I love thee my Lord.
I Love you God.
Give Tom (my pastor) the words, Lord, to touch hearts.
Come be with us today in Your house, my Lord, sit with us.
Walk among us; touch the ones that need it.
Shine your light on us. Let us shine Your light for others to see.
Let us not be afraid to speak Your words to people to bring them into Your Kingdom.
(I’m skipping this line; it’s personal)
Thank you for the answered prayers.

Okay about now you’re might be thinking what the subject of the sermon was. Well….. it was on tithing. Doesn’t seems very interesting, right…..Wrong, it was interesting how he spoke about it. What got me is when the invitational song started and my pastor invited people to step forward to be saved or to put in membership into the church. Unbeknownst to me, but not to my pastor, an older family of three had decided put in their membership. One to be baptize for the first time and two to be re-baptize. I admit there were tears in my eyes and a few fell as they made their profession of faith.

I kept remembering the prayer I wrote. When the family stepped forward it was like God saying to me I heard your prayer and here is my answer.

Take what you need and leave the rest. God’s peace and love.

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