Reflecting On My Year

As I went about my day today, I thought about some of the things that have happen to me this year.

  1. Top of my list is I got saved.
  2. I’m learning what it means to be loved by God and love God in return.
  3. I’m learning about God and what it means to be a good Christian (I’m still a work in process)
  4. I found a church family who supports and encourages me.
  5. My son is growing in God.
  6. I’m discovering new exciting things about myself. I started writing stories, poems, and songs. I’m learning to play the piano. I found a mission I care about by volunteer at the nursing home.
  7. I have hope for my non-Christian husband to be saved
  8. My daughter is pregnant, so I’ll be a grandma again.
  9. I’m more active in the community.
  10. I went to my first concert and plan to go again.

There are more good things in my life now that God is in it. I’m sure God will continual to grow within me throughout this New Year. So, I took time today to simply say to God, “Thank you for everything YOU have done for me this year.”


2 thoughts on “Reflecting On My Year

  1. There’s absolutely no doubt that He will continue to grow in a willing heart. I thank God for your abandonment to Him, it is an inspiration. Love you and I thank God for you!

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