Joyful Moments


There are somethings that makes me over the moon joyful and it’s been happening a lot at my church lately.

  1. Seeing and/or hearing  someone got saved
  2. Seeing and/or hearing  someone got baptize
  3. Seeing and/or hearing someone make a profession of faith and becoming a member of the church.

When these things happen it gives me hope for my lost love ones. I’m thankful that we won another soul for Jesus/God in the His Kingdom. Here is a prayer for all new members.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please bless the new souls into Your Kingdom. Let them learn more about You every day and carry Holy Spirit within their hearts and lives wherever they may go. May You walk with them today and tomorrow and carry them in their times of trials and troubles. Let them know how much they are loved.

Also Father, bless the pastors, ministers, preachers, and the ones who speak in Your name to guide hearts and souls into Your arms. Please Father, continual to give them the words to move hearts. In Jesus precious name Amen.


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