Listening to God

I posted this on Facebook on May 20, 2015
I’ve been silence this week so far in posting about God. That’s because God and I have been working on something that been bugging me for about a week or two. I’ve tried to set it aside, but it just keeps entering in my mind. At first I thought it wasn’t important and I could wait, but now I know it’s something I’ll going to have to reach a conclusion about. I believe I’ll almost there and have started writing about it, but it just still doesn’t feel right. So, I know it needs more thinking and praying about… Does God do this to you too? Make you think of things that you need to change? Does he bug you until you do or do you turn Him away?

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Here’s a harder question for Christians, do you want God to bug you?

This time God not only bugging me He’s nagging. What I’m being nag about is a different lesson. I thought what I set aside several months ago wasn’t too important. Wrong. I believe if God didn’t love me, He wouldn’t bother to bug or nag me….. This time it is going to take some studying, research, and lots of prayer to reach a conclusion. 

Are you willing to let God nag you too and do you pay attention to what He is saying to you?

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