By Faith

It amazes me when two little words can mean so much. “By Faith” has been running around in my head for about two weeks. My Wednesday night Bible study class has been working its way through the book of Matthew. We are up to chapter 11, but “by faith” started going through my mind when I read the story (before our class did) of the woman Jesus healed when she touched his cloak. For some reason, I got a picture in my mind of this woman’s story before she touches Jesus. I could see how her life must have been for her as an outcast in her community. In her days’ anyone who had a sickness was unclean. (Read Leviticus) They could not be touch by anyone without causing that person to become unclean too. Then there was a ritual they had to go through to become clean again. Some people even believe that physical sickness was because they had sinned against God. This woman had been sick for 12 years or unclean. I could see she might have been ridiculed, shunned, and outcast by people even by the religious leaders of the day. She probably had little human contact through those years. Anyway, my mind could see this woman hope when she heard Jesus was coming to town. For surely she would have heard about the miracles He performs in early chapters in Matthew. (I especially like the ones in chapter 8:1-13). I believe she knew He was the promised Messiah. In verse 9:21 she says, “If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed.” I got to admit I jump to the same story in Luke 8:40-49 which gives a better account of what happened. Jesus knew he had been touch by someone Luke 8:45, he says, “Who touched me?” Then, in verse 48 he tells her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you.”  I noticed Jesus didn’t say, “I heal you.” He says, “Your faith has healed you” (Also in Matt. 9:22). This woman had great faith in who Jesus is and what He can do. By her faith in Him, she was healed. I read this several times and my mind just kept going over and over, “By Faith, by faith…” Okay, I even cried. This woman’s beautiful faith in Jesus touches my heart. She went from an outcast of 12 years to a person Jesus notices and gives healing and peace to….

By Faith, we believe in Jesus.
By Faith, we pray.
By Faith, we believe we can be healed.
By Faith, we know He will carry us when times get tough.
By Faith, we can have peace.
By Faith, we are forgiven and have grace.
By Faith, we know we are saved.
By Faith, we know Jesus was crucified on the cross and was risen from the tomb.
By Faith, we know that Jesus is the Son of God.
By Faith, we know we have Jesus/God living in us and with us. We aren’t alone. Each day we can renew a relationship with Him.
By Faith, we give our hearts to God.
By wonderful, beautiful FAITH we know we are loved by the Mighty One and can love Him in return.
BY FAITH, we can live for eternity with Him.


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