I stand at the crossroads of life searching
For answers to the pain and hurting
I see in Your eyes a soul that feels my suffering
A brokenhearted feeling
Your compassion reaching out
A world of hurt hiding
In a broken body not knowing
Is this the answer?
Is this the path that needs taking?
Your soul touching mine
I don’t want to walk this path alone
I don’t have the strength anymore
The loneness, the misunderstanding,
The uncertainty of what is coming
The piercing look from Your eyes takes my breath
A step needs taking
Into Your arms I am falling
Trembling as my heart is freeing
The pain, the hurting, and the suffering
Embraced by a love that gave it all
Carrying me through the feelings
To find the answers that You keep giving
Holding me through the crossroads of searching
Finding a love to be keeping…
On Easter, a lost soul Jesus is calling
By Cassie Taulbee-Johnson
Mar. 27, 16
For those who don’t know I was Baptize and saved last Easter.

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