“Without Grace”

“Without Grace”
In God’s words, I seek truth and understanding
Man’s words have become like the Pharisees
Or the Baal of the old made new…
To satisfy itchy ears
Blindness has become the norm (2 Timothy 4:3-)
The Covenant of the Blood
Has been ignored (Luke 22:20)
My thoughts have here I place
Knowing some will turn away
Truthfulness spoke without grace…
Even though it hurts me to know
I have hurt you with sharp words of truth
I speak from the Book that holds
Everything with truthfulness in place
My heart breaks and sadness
Is held captive in its place…
Knowing you will not understand
My words spoke aloud
Twisted and tied with inability
To express know I feel inside
Honesty… spoken/written without grace
I’m tired of waiting so I’ve turn to God
For truth and understanding
He gives me what I need
Comfort, mercy, love, and teaching…
My patience I have impart
Until my words can be express from the heart
With gracefulness and understanding…
A knowing will come from the Son
And Father who holds my tongue…
By Cassie Taulbee-Johnson
April 22, 2016
Grace: Sometimes used as a verb meaning to add elegance and beauty to

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