Peter Got Out of the Boat

In the book of Matthew chapter 14:22-36 there is the story of Jesus Walking on the Water. Including in the story is where Peter tries to walk on water also. As I sit and study the story I could imagine myself in the boat with the disciples as they see Jesus walking on the water in the storm. It terrifies them. They thought he was a ghost. I think I would have been scared myself. The story tells us they were in the middle of the lake it was the fourth watch; the wind was blowing them about. Some would think Jesus was coming to rescue them, but he wasn’t. In Mark 6:48 it says, He about to pass by them when Jesus hears them cry out “It’s a ghost.” Jesus replies, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” Then, Peter asks, “Lord, if it’s you tell me to come to you on the water.” Jesus says, “Come.” So Peter gets out of the boat and tried to walk on water, but his faith waivers  when he see the wind and he starts to sink.  He calls out for Jesus to help him. Jesus immediately reaches out to save him. Then says, “You of little faith; why did you doubt?”

Isn’t that how we are today? We take a step in faith and find ourselves facing troubles (the wind), our faith waivers; we doubt and start to sink. Life is full of troubles even if we are in the boat being toss to and from without Jesus or stepping out on the water trying to make our way to Jesus.

I personal would rather be in the water with Jesus, so when I call out for help He’ll immediately come, save me, and calm the storm.

Take courage, don’t be afraid, and get out of the boat like Peter, but with a bit more faith in Jesus.

Note:  The story of Jesus walking on water can be found in: Matthew 14:22-36, Mark 6:45-56, and John 6:16-24, but I can only find the story of Peter trying to walk on water in the book Matthew. If you see it anywhere else leave a comment and tell me.

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