“Feelings for God”

My heart is full of joy

My trust placed into You

Laying it down at Your feet

Finding peace within

Feeling Your presence within me

Seeing Your smile

Tears of happiness fall

Thoughts of unfairness

That You can make me feel this way

Asking for so much more

Hearing my call

Seeking Your wisdom in my heart

Falling into Your embrace

I want to touch You

I want to be with You

I want so much more

Than a moment of words

Whisper into my mind

I wonder if I’m losing my mind

But I stop caring if they say I’m crazy

Because there is no helping or stopping

This feeling I feel inside

Lord, my God, Jesus

Hear the words of my heart

Forgive me for the hunger

Of wanting more of You


Note: I know this isn’t a poem. I know some of might not make sense, but how do you tell about feelings you have for God/Jesus when you are overwhelm with them?

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