Love Endures or Miscommunication

This past week I changed the church’s bulletin board, which I usually only do once a month, but we finish a series in the middle of the month.  I debated what to put up. I thought about “Congratulations Grad 2016,” but it would have been too soon. So I decide on ‘the old standby’ our church’s motto, “Love God, Love People” banner. The board still looked a little empty in that section, so I looked for something to help fill some of the space. I found little triangles with “Love Endures” on them that match the border and put them up. I thought to myself, “Yes, love does last.” Then, I didn’t think much more about it until this morning when a thought what “love endures” could imply such as hardship or tolerates.  I sure other people at the church have a different meaning for endures. For example, bears, suffers, withstands, sustains are just a few. Each could imply different meanings and be miscommunicated.

I see and hear a lot of miscommunication and miscommunicate a lot myself.  The problem is it can cause misunderstandings and hurt feelings sometimes. It can be words spoken incorrectly, words not spoken at all, assuming someone just knows how to do something, or assuming what is said in general is how a person feels, etc.…

The thing is most miscommunication can be fixed with talking about it with each other. Unfortunately most of us don’t talk. We choose to endure it.

Peace and love

One finally thought: God’s love really does endure, sustain, withstand, last, etc.…many things.

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