A God Talk

Have you ever had a God talk? They are not exactly prayers. You just talk to God like he is your best friend sitting in the room with you. I have God talks all the time. Mostly it is in my mind, but lately I’ve been trying to talk to Him out loud. My God talks are usually personal, so I try to find a place where there is no one around to hear me. Sometimes they are about all the junk that is inside me things like being mad about something or being upset with a person. These talks usually begin with me being very emotional. Maybe angrily yelling at God or crying or just venting to Him. Hey, His shoulders are bigger than mine. He can handle it. Maybe it is working through a problem. I talk to Him about those too.

But the best talks I have with God are the ones about the Bible. He shows me things or insights. It’s a little weird and hard for me to talk about this. Once God show me what it was like to be a person in the Bible. It was almost like watching a movie, but I felt some of the things this person felt. There was another time when the movie clip (insight) got put on pause while I talked it out with God. The weird part was when I said something outrageous to Jesus/God who was in my movie clip. He looked up and smiled at me. I didn’t think it was weird at the time. I smiled back and said, “I’m glad I’m able to make you smile, because I know a lot of people don’t make you smile.” I said a few more things to Him that day and what started out with me venting to God ended with me smiling with Jesus.

I think I would like to have more talks likes this with God.  I know it sounds a little crazy just talking to an empty space and people around you might think you are a little off. But as Christians we need to remember that space isn’t empty. God is everywhere all the time we just need to address and invite Him into our lives.

Peace and Love

Talk to God today.


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