Working in God’s Kingdom or Outreach

My heart has been pulling at me lately. I see people hurting inside. I hear stories that tear at my heart. How do I tell these things to other people so they can understand? Life’s isn’t always a bowl of cherries. We made wrong choices yesterday and suffer the consequences today and tomorrow. They say be careful people will take advantage of you. They will use your kindness against you.

Today I meet a woman who I what be like. Her heart was open to help people even if meant that she would be taken advantage of. She told me something I believe God has been telling me all along. I have to follow what God lay on my heart not what others say. If someone takes an advantage of me then that is between them and God, but my heart will be clear…

It’s okay to say No to some people, but its not okay to say No to all people. Each individual’s life is different. Yesterday a person drank up their money. Today they have no way to feed themselves or their children. Who am I to turn them away? Yesterday, they made a mistake that is costing them today.

I set in a bar and grill one day at 10 in the morning eating breakfast. I watch as a woman set there drinking beer. She was drunk. Everyone was ignoring her. My heart ask why is she drinking this early in the morning. What drove her to this? I took a chance and sit down beside her. I started talking to her. I found out her life story. She was sexually abuse by her father. Her mother killed him. The mother ended up in prison. She ended up being pass from home to home. Some of the people were just as bad as her father. Now she sits in a bar drinking because another man has taken advantage of her. All she knows is hurt and mistrust. She doesn’t know of any other life style to live. She doesn’t know the love of God. She doesn’t know how to love herself. Do I turn away from her because she’s drank? No, I buy her coffee.

A mother gets a government check that won’t pay the bills. It won’t even feed her and her children for the month. The next month will be the same. She feels stuck in an endless cycle of choosing what to pay. Most likely the one that has reach a crisis level. She feel hopeless, but she knows a bottle of beer will temporary let her forget that hopelessness. Do I have the right to judge her choice when she asks for food? Or do I give what I can.

I’m not God I can’t see into people hearts. I can’t see why they make the decisions they do. He shows compassion, love, and mercy to the brokenhearted. Who I am to turn people away? Who am I not to show compassion, love, and mercy to the broken? I have a hope that my giving of myself, my time, my money, and most importantly my prayers lets people see God inside me. The only God they may see.

That woman I told you I want to be like told me when you help others you have to take care of their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. She says it can be scary, but God will help me to listen to my heart. I grateful for the lessons I’ve been learning lately. I grateful to the people who God has put in my path to teach me. I grateful for the people who listen to me and try to help me work things out so I can understand where God is leading me.

Love and Peace

One thought on “Working in God’s Kingdom or Outreach

  1. I wondered this week how many times I miss the people God sends me to minister to, to love because I am too busy being annoyed and judging. Awesome message thank you!

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