Class or Sharing God

I couldn’t  resist sharing this. I’m taking an online class Introduction to Music this summer. It’s a lecture class.  Every week we have a discussion board question to do for part of our grade. Here is this week’s question and my response.

How does music influence people?

I don’t know how music doesn’t influence people. Music is a part of our everyday lives. Music prompts the feeling of love in love songs and dancing with that special person. Even praise music influence us to worship God. Music is in our educational system. I know I learn the alphabet from the ABC’s song. Music is in business to influence buying such as advisement to shopping for food. Music is a business with concerts for entertainment. Music is emotional. It allows us to release feelings of happiness, anger, sadness, joy and etc…I would say you would have to be a hermit living in a cave not to hear some kind of music every day.

The best personal example of how music influenced me is a little over a year ago when the Elder at church invited my son’s children ‘s choir group to come and sing at church. I haven’t been in a church for a long time. I listened to the sermon and the uplifting contemporary spirituals. I kept coming back. I fell in love with God and the church. About six months later I started teaching myself to play the piano at church. I still learning. Every Sunday I sing out, usually out of key, with the rest of the members. Every day I listen to uplifting music at allows me to worship God in my home, in my car, while I work and play. I know I’m sounding religious but I believe God, our Heavenly Father, the creator of all things made music to be part of human existence.

Music is everywhere! I’m so not politically correct.

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