Ship in the Storm

Ship in the Storm

There was a storm blowing around her
The waves of the sea pounded her sides
Some almost overtaken her
Toss among the waves
She fears losing her mast
She fears losing her way
Adrift in the ocean depth

She calls out Captain! Captian!
Where are you?
Have you abandoned me to face this storm?
The winds howl and lighting flash
She was toss to and from
The Captain called out
But she could not hear His voice
For the storm was louder
He tries to shout again
But winds carried His voice away
Her fears grew as the chaos continued around her
Howling and howling
until she thought she could take no more

She closes her mind and opens her heart
She knew her foundation was strong
Made by the wise men at the Captain’s hands
Her sails raised
Her oars planted in the ocean deep
Her anchor raised
Her sailors prayed
She shouted out to the storm

The Captain heard her
She felt His hand at the wheel
As He sails Her away batter but wiser
To the safety of the shore

By Cassie Taulbee-Johnson
July 16, 2016

Sometimes God lets us face the storm.
Peace and Love

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