Lots of Thoughts

I’ve had a hard week. I’ve questioned God about things. I’ve asked “Why?” over and over again. I’m trying to put my trust in God. I think about things. I think about the past. I want to leave the past in the past, but I seem to be brought back there time and time again. I ask why doesn’t God protect the innocent? Why? I think of the evil in this world. How cruel mankind is. I think how off track humankind is. I thought about when this all started to go bad for us. I’m reminded of the Garden of Eve and the devil. I have a hate for the devil the greatest deceiver of all time. He who destroyed paradise for us.
I have a hard time praying for this world when I want to pray for Jesus to come again and end this insane world. I want God to stop humankind from being mean to each other. Then I remember that God loves us and gives us freewill. That we are not His slaves.  Okay, we are talking about God here, our creator, do you not think if He can create us that He could make us His slaves if he wanted us to be.
Just on a side note those who think that we evolved out of something crawling out of mud you might what to check on why Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is just that…theory and how he himself struggled with his Christian beliefs. Yes, I said Christian. Then when his 10-year daughter died he became bitter toward God. Don’t be bitter….
Anyway back to my thoughts of being slaves. We aren’t God’s slaves. Some may think Christianity is slavehood to God, but its really freedom. I believe those who aren’t saved, who don’t believe in God are the real slaves. Slaves to this world. Slaves to the deceiver. I know “no grace” in these words, but they are my thoughts.
I think of Jesus and why he came to this world to save us. If you read the bible, you’ll see that this world has been struggling from that moment in the Garden with the first sin. I think how God sent Jesus to help us by taking on our sins with His death on the cross. I think about the Holy Spirit we receive when we are baptized. I think about how that Spirit, the God in us, helps us control our sinfulness. I think about how we are born of the flesh (sin) and we are born with God’s breath inside of us. Our soul is in constant battles within itself. The Holy Spirit is what changes us, help us to be closer to what God intended us to be before the deceiver come along. What some people don’t understand is that we are never totally without sin. Okay, I screw up. I know not a nice word. We can’t be without sin. It is now part of our inheritance just as the breath of God is part of our inheritance. This is why Jesus died for us to be redeemed. This is why we need the Spirit in us to help tip the scales to be more godlike.
Okay back to the ugly world I see and the hard time I have praying for it. I also see a beauty in this world. I see things like waterfalls, oceans, mountains, hills, flowers, birds and etc…. I hear beauty like children’s laughter, a baby’s first word, a song, a pure note on the piano or in some other music. The most beautiful thing I see is the Holy Spirit inside someone. Yes, I can see it. I can feel it. Every once in awhile I see it shine so bright in someone I asked how can people doubt there is a God. My heart smiles. I think how beautiful that person is. I think how beautiful God must be that I’m only seeing a fraction of His glory. I think how there is no way a human could handle all of God’s glory. He probably fall over dead from it. This is how I’m able to pray for our world. A prayer that asks for this beauty to be restored to us, for the glory of God to be inside of us. The bible teaches us to pray for our sinful nations to intercede on their part. This is what I try to do, intercede in prayer for people. Just as Jesus interceded for us when he went to the cross.
Okay, enough sharing of my thoughts. Maybe even some of the answers to why. Maybe thoughts God has given me. I’m sure I’ll be asking more hard questions of God.
Peace and love.

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