I had a dream while I slept. Actually, I had several dreams last night that related to God. I don’t get too many dreams about God but I pay attention to them. Most of the time they relate to me and things going on in my life. This time, it was different. Two of the dreams were closely related where I felt the Holy Spirit working inside me to help some children and their parents find peace with the children’s terminal illness. The setting was a hospital.

The other dream was weird. It had two different settings the first one was just before the 2nd coming of Jesus and the other one was in the past, but the future from now where being a Christian was dangerous.  I meet a woman in the dream. I believe she was an angel at first. She knew me and told me to look for her in the past. She told me I was a freedom fighter. I knew she meant I am a warrior for God fighting to save souls in a war for His Kingdom, freeing them from the hold evil has on them and a protector. I remember several details about the dreams that I’m not willing to share at this point. I spend most of the morning thinking about them. I’m still thinking about them. But here is something to think about I saw the doorway or gate to heaven closed (at least what my mind proceeds heaven’s gate to be) in the sky with Jesus standing in front of them with a lamb being sacrificed. I  know what this image meant. There is only one way into heaven and that is through Jesus and His sacrifice on the cross.  Another thing to think about is the woman’s (maybe angel) name was “Christian.” I did say the dream was weird.

Peace, love, and sweet dreams.

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