Bible Freak and/or Nutty

I believe I’m becoming a bible freak. I love reading and studying the bible. It brings me great joy to learn things about God and how He works. I’ll admit there is some of it I just don’t understand. I use commentaries to help me but I keep in mind these are people’s opinions and they aren’t always right. I asked God a lot of “why” questions. I’ve started talking to God as I read/study the bible. Okay, I usually do this in a private place because people who hear me may think I’m nuts. Not that I’m not a little nutty anyway.
It is funny because when I’m talking to God about what I’m studying I’m just being me. I’d say things like I agree or I fuss with God about things. When I read a commentary that I don’t agree with I’ll say nope that guy didn’t get it right. Sometimes the word, “Really what’s that about” comes out of my month. Some people would think I’m being disrespectful to God but what I’m doing is being honest with God about how I feel. The bible has made me cry, laugh, smile, and be amazed.
I’ve been caught talking to God like this. People think there is someone in the room with me. Well, there is, God. My mind imagines/see God being there. Its cool when God/Jesus smiles or laughs. I tell God sometimes He isn’t being fair laughing at me about the things I say but I know when my heart is breaking God’s heart is breaking too. I would say I have developed a very personal relationship with God. That relationship has carried me through a lot. I have a knowing that God loves me and I love Him. I really don’t care too much anymore if people think I’m nutty. I get to claim Him as my God and He gets to claim me as His nutty child, servant, friend, disciple or whatever He wishes to call me. I’m His.

Peace and love

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