The one full of deceit
Who dare not admit defeat
Who tongue is silver
One day he will quiver
When Jesus comes forever

Oh how great he was
In the Creator’s eyes
But he let pride become
His downfall from heavenly skies
His crown is tarnish
He brings about carnage

He is the blame
For mankind’s shame
He will go down
In a burning flame….
Some faiths will be the same

Sin could not reside
Inside God’s paradise
Broken because of
His lies, lies, lies

He hides in disguise
Trying to win the end prize
But humankind cries
For the day when
There will be no more lies

Riding on a cloud
Our savior will come down
When the trumpet’s sound
Saving the righteous
Who are heaven bound

No more lies
No more cries
No more shame
No more blame…..
Just God’s paradise

By Cassie Taulbee-Johnson
October 12, 2016

Somedays the devil really pisses me off.

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