Free Will

Lately, I’m been asking God some big questions. One of those is about free will. I know God grants us free will but for some reason, I can’t totally wrap my mind around the consequence of this gift. I wrote this in my post title “Lots of Thoughts” on July 18 this year: 

I’ve had a hard week. I’ve questioned God about things. I’ve asked “Why?” over and over again. I’m trying to put my trust in God. I think about things. I think about the past. I want to leave the past in the past, but I seem to be brought back there time and time again. I ask why doesn’t God protect the innocent? Why? I think of the evil in this world. How cruel mankind is. I think how off track humankind is. I thought about when this all started to go bad for us. I’m reminded of the Garden of Eve and the devil. I have a hate for the devil the greatest deceiver of all time. He who destroyed paradise for us.
I have a hard time praying for this world when I want to pray for Jesus to come again and end this insane world. I want God to stop humankind from being mean to each other. Then I remember that God loves us and gives us free will. That we are not His slaves. Okay, we are talking about God here, our creator, do you not think if He can create us that He could make us His slaves if he wanted us to be.

As you can see free will has been in my mind before. I think God has explained it a bit more to me but I know I don’t have all the answers yet. One of the things I realize is humans aren’t the only creations that God gave free will too. He gave free will to the angels. I guess He didn’t want them to be slaves either. God gives us a choice of doing good or evil things in this life. This is free will. When we mess up and repent He gives us grace (forgiveness). Some people out there are doing things that are wrong with the thought that they can repent later and God will forgive them. I really don’t know if He will or not. I guess that is a matter of true repentance and are they working to change their bad behavior. Here is the thing every sin has consequences. Some sins are against ourselves (gluttony) and some sins are against other people (stealing) but all sin is against God.

I think God put the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eve as the gift of free will. The free will to obey God or not to. Without the tree, there would have been no choice for us to make about obedience because everything God made was/is good. Even the devil at one time was good. Again I remind you that God wants us to willing follow Him. Of course, there are consequences for us not following God. The deceiver would lead people to think otherwise.

Some people would think that God isn’t a very loving God by having consequences for sins but I think people forget that God our Creator originally created us as beings to be without sin. God has no sin in Him and can’t be in the presence of sin. We are created in His image. The devil mess that up when he deceived us. That is why God sent his son Jesus to atone for all mankind’s sins which is another story in itself.

My faith has grown because of the questions I ask God….. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. I believe if you truly seek answers then God will grant them but don’t be surprised if the answers aren’t what you expected but answers you need.

With Peace and Love

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