The Rose – Barbara Cooper 1949 – 2016

Once when I was at the church practicing the piano Barb Cooper came in to get some red roses she had put out for Memorial Day decorations. Barb had a special touch with the church’s decorations and I had admired the beauty of the roses. I asked her what she planned to do with the roses. I believe she said she was going to put them on a grave. Then I asked her for one single red rose. She gave it to me and left. I placed the rose on the piano and continual practicing while admiring the beauty of the rose.  A thought ran through my mind how God had created beauty in that one single red rose. The petals were soft and velvety. The color was a dark rich red. It made me smile and be thankful for all the beautiful creations around me.

I thought about taking the rose home with me but it would had been lost in the clutter and I would forget to admire it. I found a vase a placed the rose on the table by itself in the fellowship hall where it would stand out. The rose set on the table for about a week and a half. Each day I would stop for a moment and admire it. I would think how beautiful it was and how God creates beautiful things. I’m sure other people saw the single red rose on the table and may have wondered about it. Maybe they stopped and admired it too. Then one day the rose was gone.

Barb was like that one single red rose.  A God creation of beauty that stood out and was to be admired.
In Honor of Barbara Esther Cooper April 10, 1949 – November 29, 2016.


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