Evil or Grace


I find myself getting angry. I’m angry because people are doing evil in God’s name. God isn’t about evil He never was and never will be. People don’t seem to understand that God is LOVE! When evil is done in God’s name it isn’t God doing the evil. It’s the devil using people. Lucifer was one of God’s top angels in heaven. Some reason or reasons he challenged God’s sovereignty and the birth of sin began. Not on earth but with a heavenly being who wasn’t happy to be in God’s service. Lucifer whose beauty was beyond description (morning star) now becomes Satan, God’s enemy. God’s enemy who becomes determined to bring down God’s image bearers, mankind, with the temptation in the Garden of Eve with deception and twisted lies. Today humankind still falls into deceptions and twisted lies that Satan and his kind are spreading. He uses God’s words to hurt and kill innocence. Worst Satan uses people to do his bidding in God’s name turning innocence against God. Now you can see why I’m angry?
How do you explain to someone who’s been hurt so bad in God’s name that it wasn’t God? What do you do when the very name God brings terror to someone? The devil has won their soul. I find this the greatest betrayal of all. Then the circle of deceptions and lies continues with the ones who have been betrayed turning on the real God. God who sent His Son to atone for our mistake of listening to Satan. God who asks us to think of Him as our Father, our Creator, the one who really loves us. The One who gives us free will so we can choose to follow Him or Satan. This is God’s great love for us….GRACE.
God does punish wrongdoings and someday Satan’s punishment will come and so will the punishment of all who follow him.
My prayer today and tomorrow are for people who have been deceived and hurt by Satan. That their eyes and hearts can be open to what the real love of God is about.

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