Thoughts of God

I think about the things God is doing for me. I was so ignorant about God. I still am. I didn’t know what it meant to be loved by a power beyond this world. I think that was the first thing I realize about God is that He loves me. As time has gone by I learned how beautiful I am to Him. I’m not talking about an outside beauty but the beauty He has given me in my heart. I’m slowly learning how to love Him back but my love for Him is no match for the greater love He has for me.
It was from a verse in the Book of Esther that taught me what true honor is. The respect I give to Him He gives back to me. The first time I realize God honors me I cried because I never felt like that in my life. Being cherish was the next lesson learned. God showed me I have worth and I am valued as His child and a bride of Christ. Trusting and submitting are the hardest lessons for me. Those we (God and I) are working on. I like learning about Him every day and it has become easier to trust and to submit my will to Him. I learned I can talk to Him anywhere and anytime because God the Creator is everywhere and everything good. I think of Jesus emptying Himself to do God the Father’s will. I think how His example to the world was meant to encourage us to be like Him. I also think of the Holy Spirit in me. What an awesome power that resides inside me. Teaching me and leading me.
God has been very patience with me. He knows all about my brokenness and has been slowly gluing the pieces back together making me into someone new. All these things I see in God and myself now. I didn’t see them before. My love for God has grown.
He makes me smile. He fills my heart with joy even when I feel sad the joy is still there. My heart has become more peaceful lately even with the storm of life surrounding me. I believe that is what it means to have God in your heart.
I have a hope someday others feel the same way I feel about God. To be honest it takes my breath away to think of God. I guess the best way to describe how I feel about God is I’m in love with Him but it’s not a woman’s love for a man. It is a love that is beyond this world for God.
There is beauty in all the things He is doing for me.

Peace and love.

Thank you, God, for making me beautiful.

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