Pea Patch

The other day before going to bed I read about an 8-year-old girl who was married off to a 40 some year old man in another country where such thing is customary and legal. The man didn’t wait for the girl to grow up to exercise his so-called marriage rights. He repeatedly raped the girl causing her death due to internal injuries from the trauma. I cried for this girl and prayed that God would accept her into his arms.

I manage to go to bed and sleep okay, but the next morning while laying in bed I was doing some serious talking to God. Many things went through my mind. One being how this man thought this was okay to do because he married the girl making her his do with as he pleased. Another was how different our cultures are. Had this happen here it would be illegal to marry a child not to mention having sex with a child. At first, I was angry with the man with thoughts of how carnal he was with no self-control. I mourn the loss of the child. Then I thought about how it might have been a blessing that the girl died. There would be no more pain for her. My mourning seemed to turn from her death to the things that had happened to her. In a way, I thought it was a little crazy to mourn something like this. But remember I was talking to God where all my feelings are shared. I knew God mourn too.

I tried to not be angry at the man. I was trying to forgive. I tried to separate the man from the sin. Of course most likely in this man mind, he didn’t sin. I tried to understand how people could think it’s okay to treat females and children with little value or ownership. My anger spill over to how humans mistreat each other. I called out to God on this. I call Him into account. How can things like this happen? I was reminded that God will be the one to sit in judgement of this man. That my mourning and anger was righteous. That God was mourning and angry too. He never meant for us to exist like this. With hate and malice to hurt each other. He meant for us to love one another. I prayed and was lead to verses in the Bible that told me what God’s plans are for the evil in this world.

A few weeks ago my pastor gave a sermon about standing up for God. He used a very short scripture in 2 Samuel 23:11-12 where Shammah stood up to the Philistines in a field of lentils. My pastor described lentils as peas. That Shammah stood in a pea patch by himself to defend it. He stood up for the wrongs that were being done. The point being we should stand up for God when humans do things that are against God’s Laws. My pastor has a very strong voice against abortion. He calls it killing babies in the womb. I can tell this is his pea patch.

Today, God reminded me that I have a VOICE. I can say this is wrong, wrong, wrong. I can say I’m angry at actions that lead people to think abuse of any kind or anywhere is okay. I can say God’s not happy with us thinking it is. Anything that is against God’s Word is WRONG. Being silent about issues of abuse is WRONG. We are a world who teaches with words and what others think is tolerable in actions. Those words and actions should be God’s Words and actions. They should not be twisted to fit human desires, hidden, or silent even if they are different then what customs, culture, and/or people say are legal.

Here is where I stand in my pea patch. Abuse is WRONG no matter what others think or say.

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